Cages For Hire

Pet Travel is now offering a cage hire service. Our cage hire service is done by way of courier. The courier will deliver the cage to the physical address of the shipper. Then they can take the pet to the airport an check the pet in the cage with the agent. Once the pet has flown, if the consignee lives in an urban address, they take the pet in the cage home with them, and we arrange for the courier to collect the cage from them. If the consignee lives at a rural address, then they would need to drop the cage to the nearest Aramex depot to enable it to be returned to Pet Travel.

Pet Travel Cage Hire Terms And Conditions

Pet Travel agrees to rent IATA approved cages for the purpose of use for cats and dogs within New Zealand.

We have 5 different sized cages available for hire.
All cages will leave Pet Travel in good useable condition.

Our cages are couriered out to the breeder/shipper/pet owners address. The cage hire includes the cost of the courier to an urban address. Rural delivery is an extra $9.00.

Cages can be collected from an urban address via the courier, however if the address that the cage is to be collected from is a rural address, then the cage would need to be dropped off to the nearest Aramex courier depot, or you would need to designate an urban address for the cage to be collected from.

We do offer longer term rentals where needed. Please contact Pet Travel for pricing on this.

All cages must be clean and free from any bedding and soiling prior to the collection of the courier. If a cage comes back in an unacceptable condition, there will be a $30.00 cleaning charge which will be deducted from the bond.

Any cages not available for the courier to collect will be charged another weeks rental.
You will be charged for any parts that are missing from the cage. These charges are below.

Missing bolt and/or nut $5.00 each
Missing Water bowl $25.00
Missing handle $25.00
Missing/damaged door $30-70.00 (depending on cage size) Cracked or Smashed/missing cage is full bond.

The cost of the cage hire is, inc gst and freight (minus Rural Delivery)

The cages are rented on a weekly basis (7 days) and the week starts from the date of departure on the courier.

PP20 $75.00 hire fee and $60.00 bond

PP30 $90.00 hire fee and $90.00 bond

PP40 $110.00 hire fee and $100.00 bond

PP50 $150.00 hire fee and $150.00 bond

PP70 $250.00 hire fee and $250.00 bond, plus there is a $75.00 crate return fee.

To complete a cage hire we need the following

* Name, phone number and physical address of the cage to be delivered to.
* Name phone number and physical address of the cage to be collected from. * Completed signed agreement
* Payment in full on invoice before any cages are sent out.

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