About Us

Our family has been involved with breeding Burmese cats since the year 2000, and in 2013, we acquired our first Pug, which we now breed!

Over this time, many of our babies have flown to their new homes, to meet up with their new families.

We have found this to be a crucial link in bringing breeders and their owners together.

Jack came up with the idea of starting a small business and focusing  on the domestic air travel of pets within New Zealand.

We can proudly say, that we now offer pet owners a premium flight booking service and are proudly a “preferred shipper for Air New Zealand”.

So if you require to get your pet from Invercargill to Kerikeri, and the weight of the animal and the airline approved cage combined is 20kg, or under, we can create your pets booking.  If your pet is over 20kg including the weight of the cage, we can still create your booking, but you pay the surplus kilos to us at the time of the booking.

Pet Travel are the people to call on, 063447866 or email pettravelnz@gmail.com, or simply fill in our flight booking form.

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